Below are the links to the Architectural Control Committee Standards, set by the Architectural Control Committee of Pebble Creek. The standards apply to all properties in Pebble Creek. 

The Architectural Control Committee requires that two sets of plans be submitted for each proposed addition or improvement to your property. Plans must include a site plan showing the location of existing structures on your lot, the location of the proposed structure on your lot, the dimensions of the proposed structure, and the exact distances from the proposed structure to the adjacent property lines. Plans must also include information to show that the required standards for the structure will be met. No improvement may be constructed or erected unless and until written approval of the plans has been provided to you by the Architectural Control Committee. You can submit your plans electronically by emailing the plans to or you can submit two printed copies of your plans to the association's management office, Pebble Creek Land Company, located at 5102 Stonewater Loop, College Station, TX 77845 during their office hours of Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. 

***Please note that printed copies are required for all house plans or plans that exceed 11x17 in size.*** 

Please note that the Architectural Control Committee meets on Wednesday afternoons, and plans must be submitted by noon on Monday to be included in that week's Wednesday meeting. The Architectural Control Committee is permitted up to 30 days for plan review, but most plans are reviewed within 1-2 weeks. 

Architectural Control Committee Standards

PCOA Landscaping Criteria

PCOA Guidelines for Solar Energy Devices

Pebble Creek Approved Fence Stain-For All Phases Except Phase 11

Phase 11 Fence Stain Standard