What is the amount of the Annual Assessment?

The Pebble Creek Owners Association Annual Assessments are invoiced annually on December 15th and are due on January 15th.  Assessments are used to fund the activities of the Association for the calendar year.  These activities include daily security patrols, quarterly newsletters, a bi-annual directory, various neighborhood activities and projects, maintenance of association owned landscaping and common areas, administration of the association, bookkeeping, and utilities.  The Pebble Creek Owners Association Annual Assessment is currently $275.00. 


The PCOA Shareholders meet once per year in May.  Notice of the exact date, time, and meeting place are mailed to all shareholders two weeks prior to the meeting.  

The PCOA Board of Directors meets every other month at the Pebble Creek Land Company office. 

Area Schools

Elementary (K-4) Pebble Creek Elementary School:  764-5595

Middle School (5-6) Oakwood Intermediate School:  764-5530

Jr. High School (7-8) A&M Consolidated Middle School:  764-5575

High School (9-12) A&M Consolidated High School:  764-5500

City of College Station Trash Pick-Up

Regular Trash Pick-Up: Tuesday mornings 

Bulk Items:  Friday mornings 

Recycle:  Every other Tuesday morning

Area Hospitals

College Station Medical Center:  764-5100

St. Joseph Regional Health Center:  776-3777

The Physicians Centre:  731-3100

Nearest Post Office

2130 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South: 693-4152

Common Deed Restriction and Architectural Control Committee Questions

1. If I want to install a play set in my yard, do I have to get approval? Yes.  In accordance with the deed restrictions, all exterior improvements must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation or construction. Improvements that require approval would include, but are not limited to: installing an outbuilding such as a shed or second garage, play sets, play houses, tree houses, flagpoles, dog kennels, trampolines, swimming pools, patio covers, awnings, additions, satellite dishes, etc.  Please visit the PCOA Documents page for additional guidelines for structures.  

2. May I keep my boat or RV in my driveway? No.  The storage of any recreational vehicle, boat, or trailer on your lot is prohibited unless stored in an approved enclosure. 

3. May I store my trashcan wherever I want? No. All trash receptacles must be stored out of public view. Please remember, if your trash receptacle can be seen from the street, it is in public view. If you would like to install a screen within your side yard to hide your trashcan, please contact the Association Office to submit plans for the structure.

4. What are the landscaping requirements for my home? At minimum, the deed restrictions require that the foundation of each home must be concealed with shrubs or other plants, the yard must be sodded with grass, and you must have an irrigation system. The  PCOA Landscaping Criteria sets additional standards for new and existing homes, such as minimum plant size requirements for new and replacement landscaping. If you have questions about what landscaping is required for your home, please do not hesitate to call or email the Association Manager.